Lisa Marie is owner of The Squared Circle Restaurant in Chicago, IL. She is formerly known as TNA Knockout Tara & five-time TNA Knockouts Champion as well as an one-time TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion. She is a former two time WWE Women's Champion, Finishing move is the Widow's Peak, debuted on WWF as one of the Godfather's Ho's, has worked on all three WWE brands (RAW, ECW &a Smackdown). She departed from the WWE in January of 2009. Owned Black Widow Customs & Fat Tony's Pizzeria in Louisville, KY. Moved to Chicago, IL for for a few years & currently resides in southern California.

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Tara vs Gail Kim for the TNA Knockouts title – Tara was obviously hurting. She kept adjusting her knee brace and tape. Of course, they spent a good chunk of the match working the knee. Kim won. It was a short match.

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FWE Women’s championship Tournament: Maria Kanellis vs. Tara
This is Maria’s first match since leaving WWE. Tara said that she said it was a huge honor to see that Maria wanted to wrestle her in her comeback match since WWE. She noted that it was also Maria’s birthday and sanf Happy Birthday to her, then attacked her. That was great. Tara worked her over in the corner and drilled her with shoulderblocks.

Maria came back with a series of armdrags and a twisting headscissors. Maria nailed her with the Bronco Buster in the corner. Tara rolled out of the ring to clear her head. Maria followed her to the floor. Tara took the mic and ripped on NYC. She returned to the ring and kicked Maria, who was on the apron, hard in the gut and Maria flew off to the floor. Back in the ring, she covered Maria for a two count.

Tara mocked her, telling Maria to smile as she worked her over. She used an over the shoulder backbreaker. Tara locked her in a side chinlock, trying to force a submission. Maria fired back with several elbows but was nailed and sent back to the mat. She whipped Maria into the ropes and went for a clothesline but Maria nailed one at the same time, so they both landed on the mat, out of it. The referee began counting them both out but they returned to their feet and began battling back and forth.

Maria got the better of the exchange, nailing several clotheslines. She went to the top and nailed a flying bodypress for a two count. Tara cut her off and nailed a TKO for a two count. Tara went the Widow’s Peak but Winter ran out and grabbed Maria’s leg, preventing the move. Tara and Winter had a faceoff and Winter backed out of the ring. Maria rolled up Tara for the pin.

Your winner, Maria Kanellis!

Later on during the show, it was the FWE Women’s Championship Tournament Final match with Winter vs. Maria Kanellis. During the match, Brooke Tessmacher came out and distracted the referee, which allowed Tara to hit the ring and nail The Widow’s Peak on Winter. Kanellis covered her for the pin to become the first-ever FWE Women’s champion

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Madison Rayne won a Knockouts Battle Royal to become the Number One Contender for the Knockout’s Championship in 6:32. ODB eliminated Winter and Brook Tessmacher almost instantly. ODB then lifted Rosita and threw her over the top rope.

Mickie James ascended the ropes only for ODB to shove her to the floor. The remaining women swarmed ODB and she was quickly eliminated. Sarita eliminated Tara.

Angelina Love and Sarita double-teamed Velvet Sky. Angelina Love had Velvet Sky hung up on the top ropes, but Sarita attacked Love. Love and Sarita went back to attacking Sky and Love hit the Botox Injection on Sky. Sarita eliminated Love.

Sarita charged Sky, but Sky pulled the top rope down and Sarita went crashing to the floor. Sky began to celebrate, but Madison Rayne ran in and threw her over the top rope. Rayne celebrated her victory.

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Knockouts Championship
Gail Kim vs. Tara

We get a quick video package detailing the history between these two women over the past couple of weeks. This leads into Mike Tenay giving us a couple of bullet points.

Tara is the first woman to make her way out to the ring, and she gets a warm reaction from the crowd. Gail Kim is the next woman to make her way out, with Madison Rayne in tow, and they don’t seem too happy with each other, arguing on their way to the ring. They both get a poor welcome from the crowd.

The bell rings and Tara ambushes Kim in the corner, hitting her with chops and tossing her by the hair around the ring before picking her up by her hair and hanging her. Kim fights off Tara and continues to argue with Rayne, which allows Tara to get the upper hand. Tara sends Kim out to the apron, and Kim is able to hit a neckbreaker, hanging Tara up on the top rope. Kim heads back into the ring and hits Tara with a boot to the face before hitting her with a big right hand. Kim launches Tara into the middle turnbuckle, hard.

Kim sends Tara into the corner again and charges after her, clotheslining her hard. Kim heads to the top and hits a missile dropkick. Rayne yells something and walks away from the ring, waving to Kim on her way out. Kim sends Tara into the corner hard again, before jumping to the middle rope with a springboard cross body. Gail goes for the pin but only gets two. Gail locks in the stretch muffler, but Tara is able to fight her off.

Tara attacks, but Kim is able to lock in the octopus hold, bringing Tara to her knees. Tara struggles to the ropes, but she makes it, forcing Gail to break the hold. Kim kicks at Tara in frustration. Kim seats Tara on the top rope, heading up after her and hitting a hurricarana, but she gloats, takes too long, and turns around into a powerslam from Tara.

Tara fights off Kim with a series of rights, sending her into the ropes and hitting a big clothesline. Tara shoulders Kim and drops her down and out into a side slam for a two count. Kim rolls to the apron and heads to the top, but she’s stopped by Tara. Tara heads up after Kim and back body drops her from the top down to the mat. Tara heads up and hits a moonsault from the top, but she’s grabbing her knee in pain immediately.

Tara struggles to makes the pin, and when she does, she’s only able to get a two count. Tara gets to her feet and picks up Kim, but Kim responds with a knee breaker, and then eat defeat. Kim pins Tara and gets the three count to retain her title.

Winner and STILL TNA Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim

Results from

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TNA Impact Results: July 28, 2011!

[ Screen Captures ]

Winter’s music plays as she comes out. Angelina Love is at her side. As they are in the ring, Tara rides out on the motorcycle. Ms. Tessmacher is riding behind her. They get to the ring as they are TNA Knockout Tag Team Champs.

As Winter and Tara are in the ring, Earl Hebner sends Angelina Love and Ms. Tessmacher away as he wants a fair one on one match.

Winter vs. Tara

As Earl is still outside, Winter and Tara go at it. Earl gets in the ring and now the fight is on. Winter goes after Tara as she whips her in the corner. Winter runs to her, but Tara slides around. Tara is in control for a tad, but Winter comes back with the power and force. She does a neckbreaker to Tara and then works on the back. She drops knees right to Tara’s lower back. She then grabs her arms back, but Tara gets up and fights Winter off. Winter comes back and hits a huge backbreaker. She covers, but Tara kicks out. Winter now gets on Tara and does multiple punches and then a choke. Winter gets up and goes back to Tara, but Tara punches Winter in the gut. She then gets to her feet and hits her in the head and then whips her in the ropes. She knocks Winter down with clotheslin eafter clothesline. She then does her standing moonsault. Tara gets Winter up to finish it. She goes for the Widow’s Peak… but Winter slides out of it. She then grabs Tara up, but Tara slides out. The referee is pushed and Winter low blows Tara. She then gets Tara up and spins her around for a spinning side slam.
Winner: Winter

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TNA Impact Results: July 21, 2011!

[ Screen Captures ]

The camera changes to Ms. Tessmacher and Tara are backstage. As they are walking to the ring, Rosita and Sarita run up from behind and attack them.

– Commercial

The show returns and the brawl is still going on. They are all fighting backstage as no one is stopping them. Rosita is going after Tara and Sarita is after Tessmacher. Just then, Madison Rayne comes in the shot and she is going after Tara. Referees now come and try to break up the fight.

– Later in the show

Ms. Tessmacher and Tara vs. Sarita and Rosita, Champs, for the Knockout Tag Team Titles

Tara and Tessmacher come out first and hide around the side of the stage. As Sarita and Rosita come out, Tessmacher and Tara come out and attack the both of them on stage. They brawl all the way down the ramp and then they get in the ring. The bell sounds.

Tara and Rosita start out the match as Rosita hits Tara with a jawbreaker. As they fight, Sarita and Tessmacher are fighting in the ring. Tara gets knocked out of the ring. Rosita is in the ring and she is attacking Tessmacher. Rosita puts Tessmacher in her corner and she tags in Sarita. She comes in and keeps the momentum going as she attacks Tessmacher. She then tags Rosita back in and she continues the assault. Tessmacher tries to crawl away, but Rosita punches her right in the head. As Tara gets on the apron, Sarita gets in the ring and kicks Tara right down. As Rosita continues the assault on Tessmacher, Tara gets back on the apron. Sarita comes in and knocks her off again. Tara then comes in as she is furious. The referee yells at her to get out. Rosita tags in Sarita and they do a double team move to Tessmacher. Tara then comes in and knocks both of them down. She drags her partner to the corner. Tara gets on the apron and tags herself in. She gets in and goes after both of them. She then gets Sarita up for the widow’s peak. As she has her up, Madison Rayne sneaks in and attacks Tara as the referee is dealing with Rosita and Tessmacher in the corner. Sarita calls over the ref. She counts but it’s only a two. Tara and Tessmacher come back as Tara pins Sarita and they win!

Winner and New Knockout Tag Team Champs: Ms. Tessmacher and Tara

They celebrate in the ring as Sarita and Rosita leave.

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TNA Impact Results: June 9, 2011!

[ Screen Captures ]

Angelina Love & Winter vs Knockouts Champion Mickie James & Tara

Winter and Tara start out the match. Winter controls with an armbar but Tara reverses out and tags Mickie in, who hits a top rope double axhandle and catches a short armscissors to get a two count. Tara is in and hits a double back elbow with Mickie, and Winter tags Angelina in. Angelina points at Mickie, but Tara decks her and hits a spinning side suplex, then tags Mickie in and they do a double team wheelbarrow splash for a two count. Angelina no-sells the maneuver and tags in Winter, but Mickie gets a modified armdrag into a two count and goes for her headscissors out of the corner. Angelina grabs her coming off the ropes and Winter powerbombs Mickie for two. Mickie tries to fight her way out of the corner, Winter yanks her down by the hair, but Mickie wipes both Winter and Angelina out with a neckbreaker/dropkick combo. Madison Rayne comes out and yanks Tara off the apron and rams her into the ring steps, and Angelina gets a neckbreaker over the knees and pins Mickie.

Winners by pinfall: Winter & Angelina Love

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TNA Impact Results: January 27, 2011!

[ Screen Captures ]

Elimination Match: Sarita, Madison Rayne & Tara vs Mickie James, Angelina Love & Velvet Sky

Winter grabs Angelina on her way to the ring to try and keep her from going out there without her, and Angelina finally lays down the law and says that Velvet is her BFF and Winter will have to deal with it. The Beautiful People leave and Winter throws a fit and starts banging on the walls and screaming. The match starts out as a pier six brawl with all the girls fighting it out in the ring. Mickie and Madison go to the floor, as do Velvet and Sarata, and they leave Tara alone in the ring with Angelina as the legal participants. Tara’s still selling the elbow so Angelina twists the arm with a wristlock but Tara kicks Angelina and tags out to Madison. Angelina goes through her as well and tags to Mickie, but Madison runs and tags Sarita in and the two of them do a chain wrestling sequence until Mickie tags out to Velvet, and Velvet now beats Sarita up, sweeping the legs and then hitting a diving dropkick, but Sarita counters a flying headscissors into a backbreaker. Velvet gets a straitjacket drop and goes for the cover, but Madison comes in and nails Velvet and holds her so Madison can nail Velvet with the loaded glove but Velvet moves and Madison nearly nails Sarita but stops at the last second. Velvet sends Madison to the floor but Sarita gets a rollup to eliminate Velvet and then all hell breaks loose in the ring and Mickie somehow knocks Madison out with her own glove to eliminate her, and then Sarita immediately cradles Mickie and eliminates her as well. So now we’re down to a 2-on-1 with Angelina by herself against both Sarita and Tara as we go to commercial.

We come back and Angelina nails Sarita with a leg lariat for 2 as we take a moment for an instant replay to see that Madison knocked herself out by falling on her own glove right before she got eliminated. Speaking of head trauma, we continue our break in the action to look backstage at Velvet Sky writhing around on the floor holding her head. Now why would she be doing that? Angelina continues to hold her own against both heels until Tara nails Angelina with her elbow brace and Sarita covers for 2. Tara and Sarita now tag in and out on Angelina and continue to work her over with Tara continuing to sell her elbow on every single move she performs on Angelina. Angelina suddenly hit the Botox Injection out of nowhere on Tara to eliminate her and then Sarita comes right in with an O’Connor Roll and then Angelina reverses to one of her own for the come from behind victory.

Winner: Angelina Love

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TNA Impact Results: January 13, 2011!

[ Screen Captures ]

Knockouts Tag Team Title Match: Winter & Angelina Love vs Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne & Tara

Tara’s still wearing the elbow brace here, but stays out on the apron as Angelina and Madison start us off and Angelina gets a couple of quick rollups that get her some 2 counts, then Angelina gets an inverted bulldog and a spinkick. Madison goes and complains about something to referee Jackson Jablonski as Tara yanks Angelina down by the hair from the outside. Winter tries to get in the ring and Jackson escorts her out of the ring as Mickie James comes out and drags Madison to the floor and chases her to the back, leaving Tara alone with both champions. Angelina ducks a clothesline and hits the Botox Injection, then tags Winter, and Winter comes off the top rope with a missile dropkick and traps her in a rear choke with a little bit of Camel Clutch thrown in and the referee stops the match when Tara passes out.

Winners: Winter & Angelina Love

Angelina looks totally taken aback by what she just saw Winter do, but just takes her belt and gets her hand raised in a smile and nod moment.

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TNA Impact Results: December 16, 2010!

[ Screen Captures ] [ Digitals ]

During AJ Styles and Douglas William’s brawl, they enter Tara and Madison’s dressing room. Tara and Madison throw shoes at them and tell them to get out.

Knockouts Tag Team Championship Tournament Match

Mickie comes out and the crowd is alive for Mickie to start. Rayne asks for Ms. Tessmacher, and Mickie gives her a chance. Rayne tries to tease her by offering and then withdrawing a Test of Strength, but Tessmacher shoves her. Rayne shoves back, and Tessmacher nails a trio of Arm Drags. Rayne runs at her but she ducks and nails a hip toss followed by a dropkick. Rayne, annoyed, shoves Tessmacher into the corner and chokes her with her boot. She thrusts some shoulders and locks in a cravat. She shoves Tessmacher down and yanks the hair then locks in some chokes, always breaking on four. She wraps up Tessmacher’s head between her legs and smashes her into the mat repeatedly. She teases Mickie with the possibility of the tag, and Tessmacher takes advantage for a quick roll-up for one. Rayne wrenches her face. She tries to hit a Cross Body Block off the middle rope, but Tessmacher dodges and makes the tag. Mickie hits a series of clotheslines and a beautiful reverse Neck Breaker. Rayne tries to kick but Mickie ducks below it and gets the Lou Thesz Press. Mickie hits her side kick and signals for the DDT. Tara looks like she’s going to get involved so Mickie goes over to her, but Tara whacks her with her braced elbow (from last week’s cage match). Madison follows up with a right hand to the face for three.

Winners: Madison Rayne & Tara

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TNA Impact Results: December 9, 2010!

[ Screen Captures ]

We go backstage to Tara as she practices her singing, and Generation Me (who will apparently be her dancers) tell her she did good. Tara says they’re outfits aren’t TNA enough, so she takes their shirts off and likes that better. She sends them out to the ring and slaps them on the asses on the way out.

We now head out to the entrance ramp where Tara performs Broken, her entrance song. Watching her badly lip-sync while she and Generation Me attempt to dance is hilarious. Mickie James walks out and nails Tara, but Generation Me grab her and Tara takes a couple of free shots. The music continues to play as Eric Young comes out to make the save and chase off Generation Me while Tara and Mickie fight down the rampway and to ringside until security comes out to separate them. The crowd chants “let them fight”, so Mickie obliges by breaking free and going after Tara again. Security pulls them apart again, but they break free and continue fighting. Mickie rolls into the ring and motions for Tara to join her, and grabs a mic and says that enough is enough and she’s tired of this. She says that neither of them likes the other, so there’s only one way to settle this. It’s obvious she can’t do anything by herself, so she challenges Tara to a steel cage match. Only one of them is walking out, but they don’t need to wait for Genesis, they can do it tonight. Hardcore Country starts playing, so Mickie takes it as a cue to jump out of the ring and go after Tara yet again.

Backstage, Tara says that if Mickie James wants a cage, she’s got it because there’s no escape from the cage. It’s the first ever Knockouts cage match, and she’s coming out on top. Then Generation Me says that they were getting their dance on when Eric Young came out and ruined it, so Max Buck suggests Young gets his girlfriend Orlando Jordan (his words) and they’ll face them next week on Impact.

Cage Match: Mickie James vs Tara

Mickie goes after Tara on the floor before she even gets in the ring, but Tara fires back on her and they exchange blows on the floor until Micke rolls over her with a clothesline. Mickie tosses her into the cage and the bell rings.

Tara picks Mickie up for a TKO, but keeps swinging her past the TKO position into a side suplex and covers for 2. Mickie tries to reverse a whip into the cage but Tara blocks, so Mickie just yanks back on her hair and hits several clotheslines, then a snapmare and a diving dropkick to the face for 2. Tara Tullys Mickie into the middle turnbuckle and gets a snap suplex into a front choke, but Mickie gets to her feet and rams Tara into the corner and rams in several shoulderblocks. Tara turns it around and tosses Mickie over the top rope to the apron, wedging Mickie between the ropes and the cage and, with nowhere to go, Tara hits a high kick to the face. Mickie fires back and rams Tara into the cage and climbs up the cage to the top rope, but Tara recovers and follows her up, and Mickie looked like she was trying for a Frankensteiner off the top, but something went wrong somewhere and they crash hard at a really awkward and scary angle. Tara gets up and rams Mickie to the cage, then picks her up and rams her to the cage again. Tara limps over and tries to escape the cage, but Mickie nails her from behind and drags her back in as Impact comes to an end.

We’re into Reaction now and Tara tries for the Widow’s Peak, but Mickie slipped out and rammed Tara into the cage, then does it again and the second time, Tara comes down badly on her arm and visibly injured herself. Mickie tries to choke her with the boot to buy Tara some time, then rams Tara to the corner turnbuckle. Tara tries to climb out but she’s only got one working arm and can’t make it out, so Mickie follows her to the top rope and kicks Tara off the top rope. Tara lands in the ring and Mickie goes to the top of the cage, which is a long way up and way higher than the WWE cage, and hits a Thesz Press off the top of the cage for the win.

Winner: Mickie James

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TNA Impact Results: November 4, 2010!

[ Screen Captures ] [ Digitals ]

Generation Me & Tara vs Mickie James vs Ink Inc & Mickie James
Jesse Neal & Jeremy Buck start, Jeremy takes Jesse to the corner, but Jesse gets a crossbody out of the corner for 2. Tag to Shannon Moore who comes in with a rolling senton and goes to an armbar. Mickie and Tara start going after each other and distract the ref while Shannon sunset flips Jeremy, and he ends up only getting 2. Jesse tags in and Shannon hiptosses him onto Jeremy, but Jeremy tags to Max so Neal gets a boot to the gut and a swinging neckbreaker for 2. Max backdrops Jesse to the apron and Tara grabs him while Max gets a headscissors on Jesse and Jeremy dropkicks Neal in the face. Awesome spot. Generation Me works Jesse over in the corner, and Max gets a great dropkick and tags out to Jeremy, who gleefully puts the boots to Neal. Jeremy sends Neal to the floor where Tara waylays him with a forearm and then throws him back in where Max covers him for 2. GenMe with some more quick tagging action, but they accidentally collide and Jesse makes the hot tag and Shannon comes in and cleans house. Mickie crotches Max on the top rope and then goes up top and gets a top rope Frankensteiner on Max. Shannon skeeballs Jeremy to the floor and then backdrops Shannon onto Jeremy, then gets a moonsault on Max, but Tara breaks up the pin so Mickie comes in with a Thesz Press and she and Tara start going at it. Max goes after Mickie, but Mickie rolls under him and gets a Mick Kick and Shannon hits the Mooregasm for the win.

Winners: Mickie James & Ink Inc

Tara and GenMe attack them from behind and Tara claws at Mickie’s face as GenMe puts the boots to Ink Inc. Now it’s their turn to celebrate.

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TNA Impact Results: October 28, 2010!

[ Screen Captures ]

Before we head to the Impact Zone, we start out backstage where Mickie James and Tara are having a brawl backstage at catering. The cameraman gets knocked out so all we see is Tara getting knocked on her ass and then getting dragged out into the parking lot where, luckily, we have another cameraman. Mickie gets the upper hand on Tara when Madison Rayne comes out of nowhere and attacks Mickie from behind. Mickie fights valiantly, but can’t overcome the odds. Madison and Tara go for a double suplex on the concrete, but the Beautiful People come out of nowhere to make the save. Now Sarita comes running in and jumps in as well on Madison and Tara’s side. Angelina and Madison brawl out of the back as Velvet Sky works Sarita over with a broom and chokes her on the steps up to the broadcast booth. They head all the way up the steps and Velvet tries to suplex Sarita to the floor, but Sarita blocks by kicking Velvet low. Tara and Mickie continue to duke it out backstage and make their way out into the crowd where Mickie tosses Tara into a wall and then over the guardrail, and follows her with a Thesz Press over the rail and to ringside. They head in the ring where Tara gets the upper hand and the other girls follow them into the ring and continue brawling, but now Ric Flair comes out with Overzealous Security, but as Flair comes in to try and calm this down, Mickie punches him in the face. Flair makes like he’s going to punch Mickie so Mickie nails him two more times. Flair grabs a mic and asks them all what the hell they’re doing, and tells Mickie that if she ever slaps him again he’s going to make a woman out of her, and asks her who she thinks she is, his ex-wife? The brawl breaks out again, so Security pulls them apart again. Flair says if they want to fight, then they’re going to fight: he makes the Beautiful People & Mickie James against Sarita, Tara, and Madison Rayne. He says no more right now, so they start fighting again.

Mickie James & Beautiful People vs Madison Rayne, Sarita & Tara

The Beautiful People and Mickie jump Madison’s team on their way to the ring, and a huge brawl breaks out, so AGAIN Overzealous Security comes out and pulls them apart. Earl Hebner wants two girls in and everyone else out, so we start with Angelina and Madison and Hebner rings the bell. Angelina lays Madison out with a series of clotheslines, so Madison tags in Tara, who immediately eats a chinbreaker. Angelina tags in Velvet and they hit a double Russian legsweep and Velvet covers for 2. Velvet gets a chop and a big flying headscissors for 2 and tags in Mickie, who goes up top and then thinks better of it and drops into the ring. Tara tags in Sarita, who shoves Mickie, so Mickie responds by stiffing her with a forearm and gets a flying headscissors. Mickie with a neckbreaker for 2, but Tara kicks Mickie in the face from the outside and Sarita rolls her up for 2. Madison tags in and chokes Mickie on the ropes, then does that move where she repeatedly humps her opponent’s head into the mat. Tara tags in and hangs Mickie over her back by the hair, but Mickie recovers and hits a neckbreaker and makes the hot tag to Angelina. Angelina with a series of clotheslines to Sarita and goes for a slam, but Tara nails her from the outside, so Angelina tags Mickie, who hits a Thesz Press off the top onto Sarita and nails Madison and Tara off the apron. They come running back in and nail her anyway and go for a double backdrop, but Mickie tosses Tara to the floor and nails Madison, and Velvet hit a DDT on Sarita for 2. A Pier Six brawl breaks out and Mickie hits a DDT on Madison, then turns around and Tara catches her with the Widow’s Peak. The Beautiful People come in and double kick Tara, but Sarita nails Angelina out of the ring and hits a Tiger Driver on Velvet Sky for the win.

Winners: Madison Rayne, Tara & Sarita

Later in the show, Tara vs Mickie James is announced for Turning Point PPV.

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TNA Impact Results: October 14, 2010!

[ Screen Captures ] [ Digitals ]

Madison Rayne comes out, with a referee in hand. Sunday night was the biggest night in company history, and she had a plan. That plan involved her becoming a three time champion, but that didn’t happen, since her title is around Tara’s waist right now—the same Tara who has Rayne to thank for getting her job in TNA. So she’s demanding that Tara come out and give her what she deserves—a Knockouts Title Match. Tara comes out to mostly cheers. Rayne wants to remind her of one thing she thinks Tara forgot on Sunday—she’s the reason Tara’s even here. If it weren’t for “me”, she wouldn’t even have been in that match on Sunday–“me me me!” They had a deal, and Tara owes her. Tara takes off the belt, nodding, and hands it to the ref.

Knockouts Championship Match

Rayne points to the mat, and Tara lies down. The ref looks confused for a moment, then makes the count.

WINNER (and new Knockouts Champions): Madison Rayne in 5 seconds.

Rayne has a huge celebration, jumping for joy and giving a shout-out to her mother. She says that she has to give her credit. She knows that was the hardest match she ever had to…she’s interrupted by Mickie James’s music. Mickie can’t believe that Rayne calls herself a champion. That’s disgraceful—not just for her and anyone who ever held a championship. Rayne tries to talk over her, but Mickie shuts her up. How dare she make a mockery of any championship. Mickie said she was coming to make history, and she’ll do it right now. Rayne invites her down, but then hides behind Tara. Tara attacks, and Mickie tosses her from the ring. Rayne bails, but drops the belt. Mickie hoists it up for a moment before giving it back.

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TNA Impact Results: September 2, 2010!

[ Screen Captures ] [ Digitals ]

We get a video package of The Beautiful People vs Madison Rayne and bicker chick feud.

Madison Rayne and Biker Chick vs The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky and TNA Knockout’s Champion Angelina Love)

JB introduces the Beautiful People, and Madison Rayne and Biker Chick make their way out through the crowd instead. Angelina and Velvet make their way out anyway. We get a huge brawl on the outside of the ring to start things off. Velvet throws the biker chick into the guardrail. Madison backs off from Angelina in the ring, and turns into Velvet. They keep her from exiting as Madison tries to beg them off. They both trade shots on her. Angelina grabs Madison in a front face lock and tells Velvet to spank her, but the biker chick runs in and breaks it up. The bell rings and here we go. Angelina grabs Madison and stomps her in the nether region. Pin but only two. Velvet gets the tag and takes down Madison with clotheslines. Pin but only two. Angelina gets the tag and stomps Madison in the gut. Front slam by Angelina. Velvet gets the tag. TBP take out the biker chick on the apron. Double suplex to Madison. Pin but the biker chick breaks it up. Angelina takes her down with a spear. They brawl on the outside. The biker chick grabs the helmet. Velvet goes to hit Madison with a DDT or something, but the biker chick clocks her from behind with the helmet. Madison covers and wins.

Winners: Madison Rayne and the Biker Chick

Angelina grabs Madison but the biker chick clocks her with the helmet too. Madison and the biker chick continue beating down the Beautiful People. The biker chick takes off the mask, and it’s Tara.

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TNA Impact Results: August 19, 2010!

[ Screen Captures ]

Angelina Love (with Velvet Sky) defeated Madison Rayne (with the motorcycle chick) to retain the TNA Knockouts Championship.

Angelina made her entrance and was joined by Velvet Sky. A fight broke out between the four on the floor before the match officially began. The biker chick tried to interfere, but Velvet thwarted said interference. Angelina hit a bicycle kick on Madison for the win.

Afterward, Love and Sky raised their arms in the air in a sign of unity. Madison and the biker attacked them from behind and left them laid out.

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TNA Impact Results: August 12, 2010!

[ Screen Captures ]

Angelina Love defeated Madison Rayne to win the TNA Knockouts Championship. Love was in control of the match when mystery biker chick drove her bike to ringside and then walked around the ring. “Get out of here,” the referee yelled. Velvet Sky came out and hit the mystery woman from behind with a chair. Velvet removed the helmet, but mystery chick had a mask on and ran to the back without revealing her identity.

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TNA Impact Results: August 5, 2010!

[ Screen Captures ]

Hamada and Taylor Wilde defeated Velvet Sky and Lacey Von Erich to win the TNA Knockouts Tag Titles.
During the match, biker chick came to the ring on her motorcycle and stood at ringside as Madison Rayne came out and stood on the stage. The ref was bumped. Biker chick gave Lacey a chair. Taylor to dropkick the chair into Lacey’s face. Taylor covered Lacey and got the win.

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TNA Impact Results: July 22, 2010!

[ Screen Captures ] [ Digitals ]

After Angelina Love and Taylor Wilde defeat Madison and Sarita, the mystery biker shows up again. She comes up to ringside. Lacey and Velvet are on the entrance ramp. Sarita and Madison attack Angelina and Taylor. The mystery woman joins in on the action too. They start to leave. Madison tells Lacey to come with them, and she doesn’t know what to do. She leaves with Madison, and Velvet looks pissed. Angelina and Velvet make eye contact.

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