Lisa Marie is owner of The Squared Circle Restaurant in Chicago, IL. She is formerly known as TNA Knockout Tara & five-time TNA Knockouts Champion as well as an one-time TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion. She is a former two time WWE Women's Champion, Finishing move is the Widow's Peak, debuted on WWF as one of the Godfather's Ho's, has worked on all three WWE brands (RAW, ECW &a Smackdown). She departed from the WWE in January of 2009. Owned Black Widow Customs & Fat Tony's Pizzeria in Louisville, KY. Moved to Chicago, IL for for a few years & currently resides in southern California.

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A two-time Women’s Champion who stomped icons like Trish Stratus and Lita in brutal Hardcore Matches, Victoria broke ground in the Divas division with her take-no-prisoners style and Widow’s Peak finishing maneuver.

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WWE Photos WWE Photos WWE Photos
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Velvet Sky is upset she isn’t the Knockouts Champion and calls out the two people responsible for that, Jessie and Tara. The pair come out, assuming it’s a handicap match when they finally arrive. Sky says she has a partner and introduces James Storm.

Velvet Sky and James Storm vs. Tara and Jessie

Jessie and Storm kick the match off. Godderz shoves Storm but Storm shoves him back. He lands multiple blows to Jessie’s face and takes him out with a shoulder block. He hip tosses Jessie across the ring and whips him into the corner. Jessie tries to counter but Storm catches him and drops him on the top rope. Godderz is taken out by Storm but Tara distracts the Cowboy. This allows Jessie to attack from behind. Jessie corners Storm and attacks him with kicks. He goes for a cover, gets a one count.

Jessie works over Storm’s elbow. Jessie snapmares Storm to the mat and connects with a legdrop. The cover gets two. He tries another cover, gets another two count. Jessie tries to send Storm over his head but the Cowboy escapes and lands closing time.

The women are tagged in and Velvet connects with multiple clotheslines. She spins Tara with a headscissors takedown and lands a russian legsweep for a two count. Tara knees Sky and sends her into Jessie. She rolls Tara up and gets a two count. Jessie tries to interfere in the match but Storm takes him out with Closing Time. Tara argues with Storm but Velvet Sky kicks her. Double underhook facebuster on Tara gets the victory.

Winners: Velvet Sky and James Storm

TNA Photos TNA Photos TNA Photos TNA Photos

[ View 582 January 31, 2013 Screen Captures Here ]

TNA Photos TNA Photos TNA Photos TNA Photos

[ View 1 January 31, 2013 Digital Here ]

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Backstage Tara was shown preparing for her Knockouts Title match before Jessie introduced a Velvet Sky action figure. Jessie said it’s motivation to remind Tara that Velvet is nothing and they are TNA’s power couple.

Knockouts Title Match: Tara vs Velvet Sky

Velvet is very aggressive at the start, going after Tara as the bell rings and going for several pinfall attempts. Velvet misses a shoulderblock, but follows up with several clotheslines and a Russian legsweep. Tara rolls out to the floor to catch a break, but Velvet grabs her by the hair and drags her back inside before taking Tara out with a basement dropkick to the chest and another kick that sends Tara to the floor. We’re at commercial.

We’re back, and Velvet is still on the offensive as she rams shoulderblocks into Tara’s midsection in the corner. Velvet goes for a monkey flip, but Tara holds onto the corner ropes and Velvet crashes hard. Tara tries a cover for 2, then rams Velvet’s face into the mat and follows up with a snap suplex for 2. Tara gets a rear chinlock, then picks Velvet up and tosses her across the ring by the hair. Tara goes up top, but takes too long and Velvet is able to get up and toss her off the corner. Now they’re on their knees trading right hands, then they get up and Velvet connects with several clotheslines and a flying headscissors. Velvet with a rolling facebuster, but Jessie distracts the referee as Velvet tries a cover. Velvet goes after Jessie, Tara tries to backjump her, but Velvet moves and rolls her up for 2. Velvet tries a suplex, but Jessie trips Velvet from the floor and holds onto her ankle while Tara pins Velvet with her feet on the ropes.

Winner: Tara

TNA Photos TNA Photos TNA Photos TNA Photos

[ View 7 January 24, 2013 Digitals Here ]

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We go to the Impact Zone where Jessie is gorilla pressing Tara, leading us into…

Tara & Jessie Godderz vs Robbie T & Miss Tessmacher

Jessie tries to cheapshot T, but T no-sells Jessie’s shots and just starts tossing him aruond like a ragdoll. Jessie tags out to Tara, and she slowly comes into the ring as Brooke comes in to take her out with a series of clotheslines and a charging forearm. Brooke mounts Tara in the corner and humps her face, then stinkfaces her in the corner. Tara crawls to the safety of her corner and tags in Jessie, who promptly get chokeslammed into the corner and powerbombed. T covers Jessie and gets an easy win.

Winners: Robbie T & Miss Tessmacher

TNA Photos TNA Photos TNA Photos TNA Photos

[ View 2 January 10, 2013 Digitals Here ]

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Brooke Hogan is backstage and decides that Mickie James will get the title shot. She tells Velvet to watch Tara since she might be next in line to get a title shot, but Velvet doesn’t seem satisfied for some odd reason.

Knockouts Title Match: Tara vs Mickie James

Mickie catches Tara with several rollups right off the bat, but fails to put Tara away. Jessie trips Mickie from the floor and Taryn Terrell misses it completely, counting 2 as Tara makes a cover. Tara tosses Mickie across the ring by her hair and goes for a couple of pinfall attempts, but can’t put Mickie away just yet. Tara gets Mickie in a surfboard and Mickie escapes and gets another rollup, but Jessie distracts Terrell and Tara manages to recover and powerslam Mickie. Mickie gets her knees up on the ass shaking moonsault, and they trade right hands on their knees until they get to their feet and Mickie gets an advantage. Mickie gets a DDT and tries a cover, but Jessie again interjects himself and drags Tara out to the floor. Mickie wipes Jessie out with a dive off the top rope and then rolls Tara back inside. Jessie hold her ankle on the way in and distracts Mickie just long enough to hit what looked like an inverted atomic drop except that Mickie’s jaw came down on Tara’s knee. Tara makes a cover and gets the win.

Winner: Tara

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[ View 4 December 20, 2012 Digitals Here ]

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TNA Photos TNA Photos TNA Photos TNA Photos TNA Photos TNA Photos TNA Photos

[ Photo Session #46 ] [ Photo Session #47 ] [ Photo Session #48 ] [ Photo Session #49 ]

Added some new photos of Lisa Marie doing some shoots for TNA. We got a set of her in some sexy Black Lingerie, a Title shoot set, a set of her in a sexy black outfit, and one photo from her Christmas shoot this year. Hopefully more from the Christmas shoot will be released soon! Click on the links above to check out each set. Enjoy!

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WWE Photos WWE Photos WWE Photos WWE Photos WWE Photos

[ View Photos of the Wildest Divas Matches of All Time Here ]

It takes a special type of woman to be a WWE Diva. Beauty, poise and the ability to stand back up after getting hit in the head with an ironing board are just a few of the qualities a lady must possess if she wants to hang with the predatory cats in the Divas locker room.

But WWE’s Divas don’t always get the credit they deserve for the toughness and tenacity they bring to the ring night in and night out. WWE Classics is all about equal opportunity, so we put together this collection of seven reckless, dangerous and destructive brawls that will leave you looking at the Divas in a whole new light.

Trish Stratus vs. Victoria in a Hardcore Match: Survivor Series (Nov. 17, 2002)
Trish Stratus wasn’t handed anything. When the former fitness model arrived in WWE as a valet for the team of Test & Albert in 2000, she was looked at as a bit of eye candy. But by the time the Toronto native retired from WWE in 2006, she’d become a record seven-time Women’s Champion and, arguably, the most popular female competitor in WWE history.

How’d it happen? Tenacity, mostly. Stratus was never afraid of a challenge, which she proved at Survivor Series 2002 when she defended her Women’s Title against the dangerous Victoria in a Hardcore Match. Any WWE fan who dismissed Trish as little more than a bikini model was in for a shock as the Diva fought back against every trash can lid, kendo stick and baking sheet thrown her way.

Stratus ultimately lost that night, but she left with the WWE Universe’s respect. It wasn’t earned — it was taken.

Victoria vs. Molly Holly in a Hair vs. Title Match: WrestleMania XX (March 14, 2004)
There wasn’t supposed to be a Divas match at WrestleMania XX. In the weeks leading up to The Show of Shows in 2004, the Women’s Title became an afterthought as epic battles pitting Goldberg against Brock Lesnar and Eddie Guerrero versus Kurt Angle began to take shape. But Molly Holly refused to be ignored. Realizing she’d have to do something special if she wanted to be featured on the biggest event of the year, the talented competitor came up with a proposition — if Victoria put her Women’s Title on the line, Molly would do the same with her hair.

The pitch worked and Molly went to the ring in New York City’s Madison Square Garden with much more than just a title opportunity at stake. The tenacious grappler fought hard against her more powerful opponent, but she ultimately fell to an unexpected backslide. With that, Molly was strapped into a barber’s chair and shaved bald in front of more than 20,000 fans.


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TNA Photos TNA Photos TNA Photos TNA Photos TNA Photos TNA Photos

[ Photo Session #41 ] [ Photo Session #42 ] [ Photo Session #43 ] [ Photo Session #44 ]

I got a little behind on posting about these, but you can check out the newest TNA Shoots that Lisa Marie has done with Lee South. Click on the links above to check out each set. Enjoy!

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Tara vs Gail Kim for the TNA Knockouts title – Tara was obviously hurting. She kept adjusting her knee brace and tape. Of course, they spent a good chunk of the match working the knee. Kim won. It was a short match.

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[ VIEW 6 PHOTOS HERE ] added 6 new photos to Tara’s Photo Gallery recently. They are 6 photos to her 40th photo set. Be sure to check out how stunning she looks in her Valentine’s Day Lingerie. You can check them out by clicking on the link above.

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TNA Photoshoot #33 TNA Photoshoot #33 TNA Photoshoot #33 TNA Photoshoot #33

Check out the TNA Photoshoot #33

TNA Photoshoot #34 TNA Photoshoot #34 TNA Photoshoot #34 TNA Photoshoot #34

Check out the TNA Photoshoot #34 added some new photos of Tara lately. There are two photos from her Title Shoot with Ms. Tessmacher and there are five photos of Tara sporting her Chicago Cubs baseball gear. All the photos are stunning, so be sure to check them out in the gallery by clicking on the links above. Enjoy!

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TNA Hardcore Justice!

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Tara and Miss Tessmacher. They cut a promo about their upcoming match. Mexican America come out first.

Knockouts Tag Team Title Match
– Tara & Ms. Tessmacher (c) vs. Rosita & Sarita

It’s Tara and Rosita working in the ring. Rosita hits a hurricanrana on Tara but walks into a boot off a counter. Rosita rolls Tara out of the ring and gets involved with Miss Tessmacher. Rosita finally tags in Sarita. Lots of tagging by the women of Mexican America. Miss Tessmacher and Sarita.

Tessmacher tags in Tara and she goes after Sarita, bringing her down to the mat. Rosita gets in and makes the save. Tara and Sarita are in the ring with Miss Tessmacher wanting a tag. Rosita is lurking on the outside. She pulls Tessmacher off the apron. Rosita gets on the apron and kicks Tara in the face. Sarita throws Tara down and tags in Sarita.

Tara and Rosita are the legal Knockouts. Tara attempts Widow’s Peak but Rosita rolls through and has leverage from Sarita from the apron. They break it up and Tara ends up press slamming Rosita. Rosita counters and goes to make tag but Miss Tessmacher throws Sarita off the apron.

Back in the ring, Tara hits Widow’s Peak on Rosita and follows it with the pinfall.

Winners & still Knockout Tag Team Champions: Tara & Miss Tessmacher

TNA Hardcore Justice 2011 TNA Hardcore Justice 2011 TNA Hardcore Justice 2011

Check out the August 7, 2011 TNA Hardcore Justice Digitals

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Chicago 5K Undie Dash

Check out the Chicago 5K Undie Dash Photo

If you are a follower of Lisa Marie on her Official Twitter Page, you know tonight she is participating in the Chicago 5K Undie Dash. I added a photo of her at the event to the gallery and you can view it by clicking on the link above. Enjoy!

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TNA Impact Results: July 28, 2011!

[ Screen Captures ]

Winter’s music plays as she comes out. Angelina Love is at her side. As they are in the ring, Tara rides out on the motorcycle. Ms. Tessmacher is riding behind her. They get to the ring as they are TNA Knockout Tag Team Champs.

As Winter and Tara are in the ring, Earl Hebner sends Angelina Love and Ms. Tessmacher away as he wants a fair one on one match.

Winter vs. Tara

As Earl is still outside, Winter and Tara go at it. Earl gets in the ring and now the fight is on. Winter goes after Tara as she whips her in the corner. Winter runs to her, but Tara slides around. Tara is in control for a tad, but Winter comes back with the power and force. She does a neckbreaker to Tara and then works on the back. She drops knees right to Tara’s lower back. She then grabs her arms back, but Tara gets up and fights Winter off. Winter comes back and hits a huge backbreaker. She covers, but Tara kicks out. Winter now gets on Tara and does multiple punches and then a choke. Winter gets up and goes back to Tara, but Tara punches Winter in the gut. She then gets to her feet and hits her in the head and then whips her in the ropes. She knocks Winter down with clotheslin eafter clothesline. She then does her standing moonsault. Tara gets Winter up to finish it. She goes for the Widow’s Peak… but Winter slides out of it. She then grabs Tara up, but Tara slides out. The referee is pushed and Winter low blows Tara. She then gets Tara up and spins her around for a spinning side slam.
Winner: Winter

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TNA Impact Results: July 21, 2011!

[ Screen Captures ]

The camera changes to Ms. Tessmacher and Tara are backstage. As they are walking to the ring, Rosita and Sarita run up from behind and attack them.

– Commercial

The show returns and the brawl is still going on. They are all fighting backstage as no one is stopping them. Rosita is going after Tara and Sarita is after Tessmacher. Just then, Madison Rayne comes in the shot and she is going after Tara. Referees now come and try to break up the fight.

– Later in the show

Ms. Tessmacher and Tara vs. Sarita and Rosita, Champs, for the Knockout Tag Team Titles

Tara and Tessmacher come out first and hide around the side of the stage. As Sarita and Rosita come out, Tessmacher and Tara come out and attack the both of them on stage. They brawl all the way down the ramp and then they get in the ring. The bell sounds.

Tara and Rosita start out the match as Rosita hits Tara with a jawbreaker. As they fight, Sarita and Tessmacher are fighting in the ring. Tara gets knocked out of the ring. Rosita is in the ring and she is attacking Tessmacher. Rosita puts Tessmacher in her corner and she tags in Sarita. She comes in and keeps the momentum going as she attacks Tessmacher. She then tags Rosita back in and she continues the assault. Tessmacher tries to crawl away, but Rosita punches her right in the head. As Tara gets on the apron, Sarita gets in the ring and kicks Tara right down. As Rosita continues the assault on Tessmacher, Tara gets back on the apron. Sarita comes in and knocks her off again. Tara then comes in as she is furious. The referee yells at her to get out. Rosita tags in Sarita and they do a double team move to Tessmacher. Tara then comes in and knocks both of them down. She drags her partner to the corner. Tara gets on the apron and tags herself in. She gets in and goes after both of them. She then gets Sarita up for the widow’s peak. As she has her up, Madison Rayne sneaks in and attacks Tara as the referee is dealing with Rosita and Tessmacher in the corner. Sarita calls over the ref. She counts but it’s only a two. Tara and Tessmacher come back as Tara pins Sarita and they win!

Winner and New Knockout Tag Team Champs: Ms. Tessmacher and Tara

They celebrate in the ring as Sarita and Rosita leave.

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TNA Impact Results: June 9, 2011!

[ Screen Captures ]

Angelina Love & Winter vs Knockouts Champion Mickie James & Tara

Winter and Tara start out the match. Winter controls with an armbar but Tara reverses out and tags Mickie in, who hits a top rope double axhandle and catches a short armscissors to get a two count. Tara is in and hits a double back elbow with Mickie, and Winter tags Angelina in. Angelina points at Mickie, but Tara decks her and hits a spinning side suplex, then tags Mickie in and they do a double team wheelbarrow splash for a two count. Angelina no-sells the maneuver and tags in Winter, but Mickie gets a modified armdrag into a two count and goes for her headscissors out of the corner. Angelina grabs her coming off the ropes and Winter powerbombs Mickie for two. Mickie tries to fight her way out of the corner, Winter yanks her down by the hair, but Mickie wipes both Winter and Angelina out with a neckbreaker/dropkick combo. Madison Rayne comes out and yanks Tara off the apron and rams her into the ring steps, and Angelina gets a neckbreaker over the knees and pins Mickie.

Winners by pinfall: Winter & Angelina Love

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TNA Photoshoot #27 TNA Photoshoot #27 TNA Photoshoot #27 TNA Photoshoot #27

Check out the TNA Photoshoot #27 added 5 new photos of Tara. The photos are a St. Patrick’s Day theme and she poses with SoCal Val in a few. You can check them out by clicking on the link above.

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TNA Photoshoot #25 TNA Photoshoot #25 TNA Photoshoot #25 TNA Photoshoot #25

Check out the TNA Photoshoot #25

TNA Photoshoot #26 TNA Photoshoot #26 TNA Photoshoot #26 TNA Photoshoot #26

Check out the TNA Photoshoot #26 added 4 new photos to Tara’s Photo Gallery recently. Two photos from her 25th set feature her in a sexy white top and two photos from her 26th set feature her looking badass & beautiful in black. You can check them out by clicking on the link above.

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