Lisa Marie is owner of The Squared Circle Restaurant in Chicago, IL. She is formerly known as TNA Knockout Tara & five-time TNA Knockouts Champion as well as an one-time TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion. She is a former two time WWE Women's Champion, Finishing move is the Widow's Peak, debuted on WWF as one of the Godfather's Ho's, has worked on all three WWE brands (RAW, ECW &a Smackdown). She departed from the WWE in January of 2009. Owned Black Widow Customs & Fat Tony's Pizzeria in Louisville, KY. Moved to Chicago, IL for for a few years & currently resides in southern California.

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Exclusive Interview with Lisa Marie “Victoria” Varon
Conducted in 2002 by 

As I had promised, I had the chance to interview, the always sexy, always exotic Lisa Marie Varon. Lisa Marie is currently on the WWF’s roster list and is training down in MCW brushing up her wrestling skills for a huge re-debut! You might remember Lisa Marie as “Victoria”, the gorgeous ho that suffered an enormous “powerbomb though a table” at the hands of The Goodfather on August 6, 2000. This table bump was the one of the, if not the, biggest table bump suffered by a woman in WWF. And we here at, have an exclusive interview with the legend Lisa Marie “Victoria” Varon!!

Suraj: Victoria, thank-you so much taking time out of your busy schedule and agreeing to do this interview. Let’s get started. I’m sure almost everyone knows that you were a fitness competitor before you entered ProWrestling. When growing up, did you see yourself becoming either of two? Or did you want to pursue something else?

Victoria: Believe it or not, when I was a kid, I wanted to be a doctor. That’s a far cry from where I am now. But I feel like I chose the right path.

Suraj: How long were you a fitness competitor for, and could you tell us about some of the competitions you took part in?

Victoria: I competed in fitness for about four years, peaking with my victory in the NPC Team Universe in 1999, where I won my IFBB Pro Card.

Suraj: How did you get started in the fitness fiasco? Were you an athletic kid while growing up?

Victoria: I was an aerobics instructor, and my boyfriend at the time suggested that a weight training routine would compliment my aerobic schedule very nicely. The rest is history.

Suraj: What sparked your interest in becoming a wrestler?

Victoria: I was best friends with Torrie Wilson from our days competing in fitness together. I went backstage to a WCW show in L.A., and was bit by the wrestling bug. I pursued the WWF, and after a few meeting, I received a call that they needed a Ho for a show in Oakland. I thought it might be a one-time gig, but they kept calling me.

Suraj: Did you follow any of the Big 3, WWF, WCW or ECW before being hired by WWF?

Victoria: I did watch WCW when Torrie was on, because we are still best friends, but I was a WWF gal.

Suraj: I’m assuming UPW was your first wrestling experience, or did you work your way up to UPW?

Victoria: UPW was my first hands-on wrestling. It was a great place to start.

Suraj: How long were you in UPW? And who was your favorite personality to work with?

Victoria: I was with UPW for about six months. I learned a lot from “the Real Deal” Damian Steele, and “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels.

Suraj: Where did the name “Head Bitch In Charge” come from? Who thought of it?

Victoria: HBIC was actually an abandoned character, and I just stepped into the role. For all you Brady Bunch fans…just like Greg Brady became Johnny Bravo just because the jacket fit.

Suraj: How did you get into the WWF? Did the WWF approach you or did you approach the WWF?
Victoria: I sent some pictures off after my WCW appearance. It was a long process after that, but it turned out well.

Suraj: What did you think of your role as a “ho”, and did you think up the name “Victoria”?

Victoria: I did like being a “Ho”. I wouldn’t like being a prostitute, but a WWF Ho is just a girl who likes to dress sexy and funky and have a fun time. I loved dressing in all those crazy outfits. I was happy to get the name Victoria, because I think it is a regal name.

Suraj: What was it like coming out and performing in front thousands of screaming fans?

Victoria: It is impossible to express in words the excitement and exhilaration of coming out to 20,000 screaming WWF fans. Any wrestler will tell you that the fans make this business what it is.

Suraj: With whom did you hang around with most backstage? Who are closest “Diva” friends in the company?

Victoria: I’m a people person, so I talk to EVERYONE backstage, whether it be wrestlers, pyro guys, caterers, anyone. I did have an especially close bond with Ivory, but that was before she flipped out with this nutball RTC thing.

Suraj: Who are your top three favorite WWF Divas and Top Three Wrestlers?

Victoria: Everyone works so hard, that even if I could pick out the top three, it would be unfair to the rest. Besides, this really is a team sport.

Suraj: In your opinion, who is the most talented Diva and wrestler?

Victoria: Everyone works so hard, it would be unfair to pick just one.

Suraj: If next RAW you had the chance to wrestle ANY WWF personality, who would you choose to wrestle, and why?

Victoria: I’d wrestle Chyna because I want that women’s belt. I’d also like a handicap match against the Goodfather, where I could help throw HIM through a table.

Suraj: Now onto questions the fans sent in… What are your feelings on your friend Frostee “Mandy” Moore being released?

Victoria: Mandy is a nice and really fun person. She’ll do well at anything she does.

Suraj: Everyone knows you’re in the WWF farm league, MCW, how did the release of Stacy “Kat” Lawler and Jerry Lawler affect you? And what do you think about it?

Victoria: Stacy and Jerry showed me what southern hospitality is all about when I moved to Memphis and knew nobody. I wish them the absolute best in anything they do.

Suraj: What do you think about Vince McMahon buying WCW?

Victoria: Vince McMahon is obviously a business genius, and I’m excited about the rivalry between him and Shane’s WCW.

Suraj: Would you ever follow Chyna and pose for PLAYBOY magazine?

Victoria: I would have to evaluate the circumstances at the time of the offer. I have a couple friends who posed for Playboy, and they consider it one of their great life experiences. I have also been to a couple parties at the Playboy Mansion when I lived in L.A., and let me tell you, NOBODY throws a party like Hef.

Suraj: When you show up on WWF programming, will we be seeing more outrageous bumps from you?

Victoria: I am really happy about the progress of my wrestling skills. I have been working really hard. I have always given 100% in everything I’ve done, and this will be no different. Short answer… yes.

Suraj: There were like 20 fans wanting the answer to this question… so here it is…. The table bump you took from the hands of the Goodfather looked very painful. Did it actually hurt? How did you prepare for the bump? Were you nervous before taking the bump? And what was the WWF’s reaction towards the best table bump performed by a Diva?

Victoria: So many people have asked me about that table bump. I was thrown through a table, a REAL table. It wasn’t “rigged” or “gimmicked” or “tampered with”. How could that not hurt? I have been asked if I was acting when I lay in the ring with my eyes closed. I layed in the ring with my eyes closed because a 300 lb. maniac threw me through a table and I WAS UNCONSCIOUS. My limp body had to be carried backstage by some of the refs. But for the record, I’d put myself in that situation again in a second. Only with all I’ve learned, maybe I won’t be the one going through the table next time.

Suraj: Victoria, the last little section I have is the name game. If you’ve never heard of it or seen it online, I just mention a name and you say a couple words/sentence that pop into your mind.

Suraj: First one, Vince McMahon

Victoria: Brilliant

Suraj: Stephanie McMahon

Victoria: The Future

Suraj: Ivory

Victoria: Misguided but hilarious

Suraj: Trish Stratus

Victoria: Seeeeeeeeeeexy.

Suraj: Terri

Victoria: A body to die for.

Suraj: Chyna

Victoria: Role model

Suraj: Lita

Victoria: Awesome athlete.

Suraj: Molly Holly

Victoria: Beautiful and down to earth.

Suraj: Jacqueline

Victoria: Deserving veteran.

Suraj: Tori

Victoria: Hardbody

Suraj: Stacy “Kat” Lawler

Victoria: Wild

Suraj: Elaine and Diane Klimaszewski

Victoria: So much fun.

Suraj: Frostee Moore

Victoria: Sweet

Suraj: Well, Lisa Marie, I really appreciate you doing this interview for Are there any last things you’d like to say?

Victoria: First, I want to thank the fans for all their support. I am a fan of many sports, but no fans compare to wrestling fans. Second, I want to invite everyone to the MCW April 18th show in Jackson, TN. I’ll be wrestling Molly Holly, Kurt Angle will wrestling Chris Benoit. William Regal and APA will also be there. For more info go to Memphis Championship Wrestling! Toodles!!

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