Lisa Marie is owner of The Squared Circle Restaurant in Chicago, IL. She is formerly known as TNA Knockout Tara & five-time TNA Knockouts Champion as well as an one-time TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion. She is a former two time WWE Women's Champion, Finishing move is the Widow's Peak, debuted on WWF as one of the Godfather's Ho's, has worked on all three WWE brands (RAW, ECW &a Smackdown). She departed from the WWE in January of 2009. Owned Black Widow Customs & Fat Tony's Pizzeria in Louisville, KY. Moved to Chicago, IL for for a few years & currently resides in southern California.

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IFBB Fitness Pro Lisa Marie Varon Interivew
By: Don Lemmon

DON:  You’ve been asked to interview for with some other cool people. Are you excited? Is this more exciting than being on television or in a magazine?

Lisa Marie Varon:  I enjoy watching myself on TV, but this is certainly a close second.

DON:  What can you tell me about your body and the shape it’s in that you think most people do not realize.

Lisa Marie Varon: I know many girls who can maintin their physique with minimal training, but I need to train hard and eat clean to maintain my condition.  There is no real “off” season for me.

DON:  Per modeling or fitness or bodybuilding. Tell me the best, and the worst experience you have ever had in this field.? Maybe the experience was with another person or happened to a friend.

Lisa Marie Varon:  Winning my Pro Card in 1999 would be a particular highlight, but how training makes me feel about myself is right up there.  As for bad experiences, there were a couple organizations (who I don’t want to name) who aren’t really concerned about the athletes.  Many of those contests have “celebrity” judges, who don’t know what to look for, and then judging criteria is inconsistant.

DON:  Tell me about the different fad diets you have tried. Why did they fail?

Lisa Marie Varon:  When I was 16, I heard that fasting was healthy.  I didn’t eat for about a day and a half, and passed out.  I have since made it a point to understand nutrition, because it’s soooo important.

DON:  What different exercise routines have you tried? Split routines, full body workouts, and what really showed the best results? What was your last session like?

Lisa Marie Varon:  I have tried just about every split out there, but these days, I’m trying to get more entertainment work, and my workout is more cardio intensive, complimented with light training.

DON:  What was the last movie you saw, video rented, cd bought, concert saw, fancy meal ate?

Lisa Marie Varon:  I saw Mercury Rising on a recent plane trip.  I rented The Green Mile last weekend.  My last CD was Destiny’s Child (I love Hip-Hop).  My friend plays in a band, and we saw him at The Whiskey (a well known live band bar on the Sunset Strip in L.A.).

DON:  I know the Whiskey quite well. Was our home away from home for a while there. What supplement lines do you use or cycle and when? What one should never be neglected (or more than one)?

Lisa Marie Varon:  I take the Parrillo Line.  I can’t emphasize enough the importance of Aminos.

DON:  That would be amino acids folks. Proteins. Parrillo gets his stuff from Beverly International and relabels it. So if his prices are steep, contact Beverly International. What got you started in weight training? When did you first pay attention to diet?

Lisa Marie Varon:  I had a boyfriend who owned a gym.  I used to only do aerobics, and he recommended a more comprehensive routine.  I made rapid progress, and I competed about six months later.  Dieting for the contest, I saw the importance of good nutrition.

DON:  What is your crowning achievement? Who cheered you along all the while and who said you couldn’t that you proved wrong?

Lisa Marie Varon:  My IFBB Pro Card was absolutely the highlight of my fitness career.  I have been lucky in that I am surrounded by many supportive, positive people.

DON:  What is your full name, age, location, actual job title and how long have you been doing it? What was your first and last job working for someone else?

Lisa Marie Varon:  Lisa Marie Varon, I live in L.A., and I am currently working with the WWF.  My first job was making pizzas when I was sixteen.

DON:  What do you want to plug and what makes it unique?

Lisa Marie Varon:  My website (  It is more than just photos for sale, there is a lot of useful info.

DON:  Describe to me your current eating plan and what you would change if you saw an inch creep up on your waistline?

Lisa Marie Varon:  I eat pretty high protein and moderate fat, and when I need to get lean, I carb deplete.

DON:  What is your favorite ‘good for you’ meal and favorite cheat food?

Lisa Marie Varon:  I looooooove sashimi.  I could eat it seven nights a week.  My favorite cheat food, without a doubt, is chocolate.

DON:  Is there anything you think we haven’t touched upon here yet you’d like to?

Lisa Marie Varon:  No.  This is very comprehensive (which is why it took so long for me to get back to you with the answers!!!)

DON:  What is your educational background? College. Certifications. What subjects were the most important in getting your mind set where it is today?

Lisa Marie Varon:  I was pre-med at UCLA.  I have numerous fitness certifications, and medical certifications relative to a prior job I had procuring human tissue for transplantation.  I think people skills developed outside of school have played a larger role in my success.

DON:  I am curious what is your most frequently asked question. I am also curious if you prefer a certain line of exercise equipment or not.

Lisa Marie Varon:  With all the work that I put into my physique, the most commonly asked question is how I keep my hair so healthy.  I am “old school” when it comes to training.  I love the free weights.

DON:  Your top five favorite websites are:

Lisa Marie Varon: 5-And of course,

DON:  What makes you cringe? What makes you smile so wide your jaw aches?

Lisa Marie Varon:  Watching people train incorrectly makes me cringe, and my nieces and nephews make me smile.

DON:  Paint the final picture of your goals in life. Of all the highs and lows, what is your desired final destination?

Lisa Marie Varon:  I don’t have specific goals, but I like to try new things.  I also like to feel that I’m making a positive impact on my environment.  If I continue to accomplish both things, I will consider my journey a success.

DON:  What needs changed in bodybuilding or fitness mainstream or industry related?

Lisa Marie Varon:  Bodybuilding and fitness have been around long before I competed, and will be around long after I stop competing.  I have heard a lot of opinions on how it should be.  My philosophy is that a competitor should understand what’s involved in the industry, and either accept it, or find an industry that better utilizes their talents.

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