Lisa Marie is owner of The Squared Circle Restaurant in Chicago, IL. She is formerly known as TNA Knockout Tara & five-time TNA Knockouts Champion as well as an one-time TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion. She is a former two time WWE Women's Champion, Finishing move is the Widow's Peak, debuted on WWF as one of the Godfather's Ho's, has worked on all three WWE brands (RAW, ECW &a Smackdown). She departed from the WWE in January of 2009. Owned Black Widow Customs & Fat Tony's Pizzeria in Louisville, KY. Moved to Chicago, IL for for a few years & currently resides in southern California.

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Interview with Lisa Marie “Victoria” Varon
by Lekisha F. Oliver

Back when the Goodfather was still a God to many men by bringing down beautiful ladies for them to see, one of his ladies had talent that stood head and shoulders above the others. This woman was Victoria. But behind Victoria, there is a kind and strong woman named Lisa Marie Varon. Lisa Marie was kind enough to sit down and discuss her career in wrestling and her future. Everyone can check out her federations site, and then check out her website at I would personally like to thank Lisa Marie for answering all the questions truthfully. And I personally welcome her back for an interview anytime that she wishes. Thank you and good luck.

Lekisha Oliver [LO]: The readers would like to know what have you been up to since we last saw you on WWF TV?
Lisa Marie Varon (Victoria) [LV]: I spend seven days a week doing some sort of training, working on my wrestling skills. Most of it is with Memphis Championship Wrestling, which is a “minor league” training program for the WWF. I also do some conditioning on my own.

LO: How did you get started in the sports entertainment business? And who brought you into the business?
LV: I was best friends with Torrie Wilson from our days as fitness competitors. I went backstage to a WCW show, and was bit by the wrestling bug. I sent some info off to WWF, and after a series of meetings, I received a call that they were looking for a Ho. The rest is history.

LO: With all of your fitness experience, you fit in with the physiques of the athletes. What all fitness competitions have you competed in?
LV: I was in many, but I received my IFBB Pro Fitness card after a victory at the NPC Team Universe show in 1999.

LO: Did you play any sports when you were in high school and college?
LV: I was a cheerleader since I was eleven, and I was nationally recognized by NCA senior year in high school.

LO: Where did you go to college and what was your major?
LV: I went to UCLA and was a Biology/Pre-Med major.

LO: Did you do any type of arts while in school?
LV: I was always involved in dance in some aspect or another.

LO: Who, if any, did you look up to growing up and why?
LV: My oldest brother, Bobby, was an amateur wrestler, winning a gold medal in the 1983 Pan American Games.

LO: Did you have any encouragement/discouragement from your family and friends when you chose to go into wrestling?
LV: I never did the “normal” things, so when I told my family that I wanted to be a pro wrestler, they said, “There she goes again”.

LO: Walk us through the entire day of when you first appeared on WWF TV and had that Ride from Hell.
LV: I was at the Madison Square Garden to promote my “Save the Ho’s” campaign. I was ringside, and the next thing I knew, I was yanked into the ring, passed around, lifted up by the Godfather, and the next thing I knew, I woke up backstage with the EMT’s.

LO: Many people have their own wrestling story where they meet someone that they never thought they would meet. Do you have one of those and if so, with whom? And has this happened with you, sort of a vice versa type of thing?
LV: I had a role as a bodyguard on the TV show VIP. I arm wrestled Pamela Anderson. Everyone on the set, including Pam herself, were sooooo friendly. As for Victoria fans that I have met, there have been so many. I try to go out of my way to thank the fans for their support.

LO: What was the strangest thing a person did to get your autograph?
LV: People don’t have to do strange things with me, because like I said, I go out of my way to sign autographs.

LO: What other jobs have you had before wrestling? And which ones did you like and why?
LV: I have had a variety of jobs, but my favorite was procuring human tissue for transplantation from cadavers at the Inland Eye and Tissue Bank in Redlands, CA. I feel like I helped so many people, and I still always stress the importance of organ donation.

LO: Do you have any hobbies?
LV: I love to work out. I love to dance, and listen to dance music. But number one on my list is DEFINITELY shopping.

LO: Lets do a favorite list. Actor.
LV: Jim Carrey

LO: Movie.
LV: The Wizard of Oz.

LO: Play.
LV: Grease.

LO: Book.
LV: Anything by Dean Koontz. I love scary stories.

LO: Magazine.
LV: WWF mags, of course, and Oxygen, a women’s fitness mag.

LO: Thing to do in your spare time.
LV: Shop, shop, shop.

LO: Food.
LV: Sushi

LO: Drink.
LV: Starbuck’s Soy Mocha ( I need my coffee)

LO: Sport.
LV: Wrestling, gymnastics and fitness.

LO: One of my male readers sent in this question, with the success of Chyna and Sables Playboy issues, would you consider posing for a pictorial?
LV: I’d consider anything. Whether or not I actually decided to do it would depend on the circumstances at the time.

LO: Word Association. Whatever the first phrase or word comes to you for this person or thing.
LO: Vince McMahon.
LV: Brilliant


LO: Chyna.
LV: Role Model.

LO: Eric Bischoff.
LV: Don’t know him well enough to give an intelligent reaction.

LV: Shane McMahon

LO: Torrie Wilson.
LV: Best friend.

LO: Victoria.
LV: Strong, sexy, powerful woman.

LO: Lisa Marie Varon.
LV: Hard worker, girl next door.

LO: Any comments or anything that you would like to say to your fans.
LV: Victoria is now the commissioner of MCW. There is a big show in Jackson, TN on Wed. April 18th. Kurt Angle is set to wrestle Chris Benoit. APA, William Regal, Molly and Crash Holly will also be wrestling. For more show info go to Also, I want to thank all the wrestling fans who not only support me, but all the wrestlers who give their all to put on a great show. Toodles.

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