Lisa Marie is owner of The Squared Circle Restaurant in Chicago, IL. She is formerly known as TNA Knockout Tara & five-time TNA Knockouts Champion as well as an one-time TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion. She is a former two time WWE Women's Champion, Finishing move is the Widow's Peak, debuted on WWF as one of the Godfather's Ho's, has worked on all three WWE brands (RAW, ECW &a Smackdown). She departed from the WWE in January of 2009. Owned Black Widow Customs & Fat Tony's Pizzeria in Louisville, KY. Moved to Chicago, IL for for a few years & currently resides in southern California.

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Exclusive Personality Interview with Lisa Marie “Victoria” Varon
Conducted by in 2002 

I was very lucky to have gotten the chance to conduct another interview with the rising WWF superstar Lisa Marie Varon, known to many WWF fans as Victoria. Lisa Marie took time out of her busy schedule for the fans to know her better. This talented Diva will be taking part at two WWF house shows on February 9, and 10. She has also debuted her new official website which houses some excellent pics and info on this sexy Diva.

Suraj: Hey Lisa Marie! Thank-you for agreeing to do this interview with us, as you know, this will be a personality interview which consists of about 30 questions. Anything you’d like to say before we start?

Victoria: Thanks for the support.

Suraj: Let’s get started… We’ll start with your favorites… What’s your favorite colour(s)?

Victoria: Black

Suraj: Favorite Food(s)?

Victoria: Sushi and anything chocolate.

Suraj: Animal(s)?

Victoria: Cat

Suraj: Vacation Spot(s)?

Victoria: South Beach, Florida, but I would be happy anywhere with a nice beach.

Suraj: Favorite Movie(s)?

Victoria: Wizard of Oz, Grease, and Princess Bride (I love musicals)

Suraj: TV Show(s)?

Victoria: Sapranos, Sex in the City, Third Rock from the Sun.

Suraj: Actor(s)?

Victoria: Jim Carey, Leslie Neilson, and Brendan Frasier

Suraj: Actress(s)?

Victoria: Audrey Hempburn, Sophia Lauren and Angelina Jolie.

Suraj: Songs(s)?

Victoria: I love all kinds of music. I cant’ just name one.

Suraj: Singer(s) or Band(s)?

Victoria: I love all kinds of music. Here are a few: Mariah Carey, 112, Limp Bizkit, SnoopDogg, Busta Rhyme, Toya, Mary J. Blige, Guns N Roses, Metallica, Petey Pablo, and much more….

Suraj: Favorite Article of Clothing?

Victoria: Workout clothes and Lingerie.

Suraj: Favortie Wrestler?

Victoria: Machine (Doug Basham) of OVW.

Suraj: Favorite Diva?

Victoria: Ivory

Suraj: Favorite Restaurant?

Victoria: The Pump Room in Chicago. I had the Tiramisu and I still have dreams about it.

Suraj: Favorite Possession?

Victoria: Computer. I can’t live without the internet.

Suraj: Favorite TV Character?

Victoria: Xena Warrior Princess.

Suraj: Store?

Victoria: You can’t ask a professional shopper to choose just one.

Okay, now this part consists of “Do you prefer…” questions. Here we go!!

Suraj: Singing or Dancing

Victoria: Dance. No contest.

Suraj: Lake or Ocean

Victoria: Ocean

Suraj: Coke or Pespi

Victoria: Coke

Suraj: Cat or Dog?

Victoria: Cat

Suraj: Summer or Winter?

Victoria: Summer

Suraj: Long Hair or Short Hair?

Victoria: Long Hair

Suraj: High Heels or Flats

Victoria: High Heels that are comfy, such as platforms

Suraj: Bikini or One Piece Swimming suit?

Victoria: Bikini!

Suraj: Theatre or Renting a Movie?

Victoria: Renting a Movie

Suraj: Skirt/Dress or Pants

Victoria: Depending on the mood

Suraj: Chocolate or Vanilla

Victoria: Chocolate

Suraj: Last question is… Describe your ideal partner?

Victoria: I like my boys like I like my coffee…two at a time (just kidding). Funny, sensitive (but not too much), strong, self-confident, trusting, and shares my interests.

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